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Dalek's have no concept of worry

Doctor Who ramble again.

The Daleks are back < 3 I'm kinda sad that Sec decided to become the 'human Dalek' cause he looked so cool being black and all. The problem of course, with being a human Dalek is that it'll be more suspectable to conventional weapons. It surprises me that all the cult ended up in the same time (I expected them to be in all different time periods). Pig slaves though. Why pig slaves?

Why don't the Daleks shoot/threaten to shoot Martha when she mouths off to them?

The Doctor always inspires people to follow him.

Why doesn't he just take the brain thingy to be scanned at the TARDIS?

I must stop myself from screaming Panaka whenever he comes on.

Tulullah (that's her name right?) implying the Doctor was gay was funny... then he says frank can kiss him later if he likes. That amuses me < 3
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