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Pretty on the inside

I hate the Job Center people. I'm starting to think it wasn't even them that called yesterday and woke me up.

Today's ugh. Soon after I went to rest my eyes I heard the door so had to go and get the mail. It's the really nice postman that I like cause he's friendly Anyway, he had the money for the trip for me to sign for and a letter from the Job Center.

Said letter is the main thing that pisses me off. Inside is forms I have to fill out (which look like the same ones I had to do in the first place) and it says I have to bring in two forms of ID (I doubt I even have one in this place) and the 'last two pay slips.' WTF are those? I guess I'll just take a bank statement. The worst thing is the time I have to go in.

9:10 on Monday. The Monday I have to go. I can't go by bus cause I have no change so I have to walk (which is over half hour each way). Why are all these things happening? Is some higher power telling me not to go? Sigh. There's no way to change it now cause they closed at lunchtime today.

Then I went over to drop something off to mum and I told her I had forms to fill in again and what happens? She has a go at me and blames me for getting sick like I did it all on purpose. Bitch. So I can't go there and get change/ID.


Fic rec list I did this morning, for those that may have missed it
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