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Two parts

Today can be split into two parts. First is the pre-Job Center, then there's Job Center.

The first part's fairly ok. I got the game boy player for only £2.99 (which is good considering it's normally £20ish) and Muse's single plus thee Radio Times. Of course I also get the news I'd have to be here Thursday, so I'd have to come back next week Wednesday afternoon/night.

Due to no sleep last night I've been wandering around hav awake. Like a zombie, or a drunk who's lost a bet.

Then there's the Job Center. there's an obviously gay guy there that talked about Gay Pride here (which is during the bank holiday weekend so I considered going) and how it's one big festival/carnival.

Of course, then I got called up. The system is fucked. Because I missed one appointment (even though I contacted them about it my 'account' has been closed and I ahcve to do a rapid reclaim thing. This means I'll be getting a call tomorrow and then paperwork. Fun. It also means I'll have NO money for 30 Seconds (which makes me not wanna go at all) abnd I won't be able to see The Used. Of course because it's rapid it might mean that I'll be able to see The Used, but I doubt it.

Bah I'm so pissed off.

I hate the heat too.

I'm going to bed.
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