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It's controlled by a wheel?

Yesterday my i-pod thing stopped working (strictly speaking it's an Mp3 player that looks like a pod and has loadsa memory). It's strange, but it died exactly like my last one did. All that comes up is the loading screen. Maybe I should send it off for repairs.

Due to it's deadness I've switched to mum's actual i-pod. It took me about 15 minute sto work out how to get it off Robbie Williams (she's obsessed with him) onto someone decent (MCR). Yes I had no idea it had a wheel. I've never used an I-pod before. I've never really got on with I-tunes so I never wanted a pod. So eyah, I feel stupid.

I guess I'm resistant to i-pods like I am to mobile phones (I don't need to use a mobile daily or need to have it with me constantly). To me, mobiles are now trying to be electronic swiss army knives when all they need to do is be a phone and text service.

I now have to put decent music on it (ie Enter Shikari, Madina Lake, The Black Parade, The Blackout etc) so I'll be back in a few with the lead.

Mikey's not on the tour. This sends off not warning bells but full blown sirens in my head. The last time he left MCR was due to depression at the Paramour (he hadn't left before or since then). Frankie apparently says he's 'on vaction' but during the middle of a tour? Seems unlikely. Plus Gerard was apparently sad about it.
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