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4am forever

It's 4amish, so I'm using that.

What's today been spent doing? Well, since the last post the most I've really done is get Pepsi and pester people online. Being bored and having block sucks.

I can't believe it's already Wednesday. This time next week I'll be back down south and a day later I'll be back. I think I despise this time's commute more then any other due to only being here for a week and a bit and only going back for two full days.

I'm not even bothering to tell mum about it cause it's so short and pointless. Well it's not pointless, it's for 30 Seconds. I hope we see them again, if only for a flash of recognition on Shannon's face.

I've decdied not to try and go to GIAN, cause of the tickets being off e-bay for the day I want. Instead I'm hoping (if I have enough in the bank next week) to go to see The Used in Nottingham. Sure, they'll all likely be doing tours later in the year, but this is a chance to see three great bands all in one night with no shit support. When's that ever gonna happen again? Of course, it means I have to have enough to get a tee for each of them, but it'll be worth it.

All in all I'll need £60 for the trip, plus £17 for the ticket.

Course, I might end up stranded, but then I'd just wait around in hopes of meeting them. Also I've no idea where I'd be going, but I'll figure it out. I've done it before.

Tomorrow, of course, is both the day that decides if I go and is the only reason I really came back before 30 Seconds. Bloody Job Center. Naturally in the past few weeks I've done fuck all, but I've been sick and far away from here so what could I do exactly? My hope is they'll be nice and understanding (plus I did e-mail them to tell them I wouldn't be able to make it and why) but then again, they probably won't be due to their general stupidity and ughness (after all, it took twenty minutes just to make my 2 minute long appointment earlier last time, even though they were some of their people not doing anything). So I dunno. I'm optimistic. Mum's more optimistic and hope's the money's in their now. I know it won't be, but I'll check to humour her (though if it is I'll have to hide it from her).

It's her birthday soon and she wants a present. Gods what do I get her? Bah.

I'm not gonna bother sleeping tonight. I might write and finish the Russell Brand dvd cause the player went shit the other night. I might smoke too.
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