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Burn the sun, burn the light

Oh the joys of doing fuck all.

I think what I've got, writiing wise, is much more insidious then just block. I don't even want to look at a fic I've done or started. In the past two days I've looked at one once. Once. Again, I'm fairly sure it's due to mychemicalslash so I'll make sure not to post there when whatever this thing goes away. Quite simply the people there annoy the crap outta me.

Last night was spent on the Sims 2 until 7am. Yep, till morning. I did 4 new sims, Gerard, Bob, Mikey and Frankie (the Ray hair I downloaded won't work on the expansion so I refuse to make him until it does). I mostly played as Bob, following him around. To start with he was ridiculously socially awkward. He tried to be friends with Frankie, but every time he talked to him it was a bad conversation. Eventually frankie ended up hating poor Bob. So i made the Ways with the intent that Bob would end up with Gerard.

Well it didn't turn out that way. He got on better with Mikey then Gerard (even though all four of them ended up in a hot tub together... damn not being able to do foursomes) and so had three consecutive dates with him. Everything was going nice and happy until Mikey wlalked past Bob's house... and got eaten by the cowplant. Thusly I had to resurrect Mikey so he now lives with Bob. (Oddly though, Mikey drank himself from the cowplant.) They had their first woohoo (in bed and later two in a car) and then Mikey wanted to get engaged to the Bob. So they went out on a date and bam! surprse engagement. It was adorable really. When I next go on it'll be the wedding party.

Anyway, I'm rambling, but Bob's so adorable and made of awesome.

Least it distracted me from the horribly huge spider.

I slept at nearly 8 till nearly 3. I said before, I'm nocturnal.

Kerrang today is pretty... eh. They can't talk about what happened with Oli for legal reasons, Ian is scarily like Matt, there's an unflattering (for jay) Bullet poster, with a Will one on the back so I'm conflicted. There's a big poster of FOB topless wiith spray guns (apart from Patrick:() and a Blink one as well. And Jared thinks we're an amazing country. He still sounds crazy though. Apparently the new Fightstar single is called 99 cause it's one of the only buttons that works on Charlie's keyboard. There's more sticker's with next week's issue. What's with the stickers all the time?

The sun's shining and the sky is blue. Is it summer already? Tom's sunbathing.

I wish I had enough change for Pepsi, it's on offer and I've almost finished the Fanta I have.

From mikeyface: Post a random selection from any of your works in progress
Some of you may have seen bits of these before and I'm only posting bits of ficss I'm happy with (some of the ones I have to do don't have any done to them, especially ones I've set myself to do). Most of these aren't even high up on the to do list, so comment if you like the bits I'm gonna post.

Fandoms: My Chemical Romance/Good Charlotte
Pairing: Frankie Iero/Billy Martin/Paul Thomas
Frankie's POV

Certain they were lost in their own little world, I edged closer to them, hoping to get a better view.

"Mmmmm, so fucking good Billy. As always." So now I knew the tattooed guy's name.

Billy's black hair was sticking out at various angles, most likely from the other's fingers tangling in the strands and tugging on them. As I edged closer I could see his beautiful, sweat-covered face contort as he cried out in pleasure. I glanced up to the larger male to study his body. He had a nice body, although most would probably say otherwise due to the size of his belly, however it turned me on. A round belly always turned me on, on any guy. As I trailed my eyes up his torso, I noted how both his nipples were fully erect, the left one pierced with a silver hoop. His arms weren't as tattooed as Billy's, but that didn't matter, he was still hot. I gazed at his face and his hair was slightly lighter then Billy's. After a few seconds though I realised something.

He was looking right at me.

Pairing: Waycest (also Gerard/Ray and Mikey/?)
Mikey's POV

It took a week for Gerard to talk to me and the better part of an hour to coax out the full details on what had happened. The details weren't pretty. He thought that him and Gerard was a 'dead end relationship' and that Gerard was too 'controlling and attention seeking'. Of course Gerard wasn't those things. I knew my big brother wasn't. So I comforted as best I could, without crossing the line I'd made in my head.

See, since I turned 14 I found my older brother attractive. He was the cause of my first hard-on and thoughts of him filled my head when i jacked off to achieve my first orgasm. It may be wrong but I just didn't give a fuck. I hadn't even had a boyfriend because I wanted him so much. I did however, have a whore once. But when I screamed big brother as I came I knew I had to make sure he'd not say anything to anyone. I wasn't sure if they ever found his body.

Fandoms: Panic! At The Disco/My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Frankie Iero/Spencer Smith
Spencer's POV

Now though, all I could do was stand and watch as he swayed in the dark. Images filled my mind of him crossing the distance between us, pushing me back against the wall and planting kisses all over the upper half of my body as he thrust his huge, throbbing cock into me, making us both groan into the night. I shook my head to rid myself of such thoughts. He was just some random drunk guy, who I'd never see again, so I was just wasting my time even having them.

After what must have been two minutes at least of staring, I finally got my feet to work again, taking a few steps his way. As if he only realised I was there when I made footfalls, he started to move towards me. His movements were slow and slightly unsteady. Every other step was accompanied by a moan, making me wonder if he'd injured one of his legs. "Are you alright?"

He seemed to speed up slightly at my words, but said nothing. His hazel eyes were glassy and blank, as if there was nothing looking back at me. Mabe he was high or something, I wasn't sure, but I'd never seen anyone with eyes like that before. He had to be really out of it to look like that. "Hello?" He still didn't respond to me, even though he was looking straight at me. It crossed my mind briefly that perhaps he was mute, but I banished those thoughts after a few seconds. If he was then wouldn't someone be with him? The next thought that crossed my mind was that his eyes were glass ones, but I dismissed that too. He was now less then half a meter in front of me and, as my feet decided it would be a good idea to glue themselves to the floor, I hadn't moved at all. His black lips parted, showing his teeth. They were white for the most part, yet some had flecks of red, clearly blood. I absently wondered if he'd gotten into a fight, which would explain his shaky footing as well as his slashed tee. Maybe it was even by whatever or whoever was attacking people at the edges of the town. "Do you need help? I can get you to the hospital..."

Fandoms: +44/30 Seconds To Mars
Pairing: Jared Leto/Travis Barker
Jared's POV

He was like a walking tattoo. Practically every inch of his torso was covered in tattoos. I'd often wondered if he'd got them all done seperately or all in one go as they seemed to just link up so perfectly. "It's rude to stare you know."

"And if a certain Mr Hoppus was topless you wouldn't be staring?"

I could practically hear him blushing when he next spoke up. "I.... that's different..."

"How brother?" I raised an eyebrow, but didn't look away from the drummer's bare chest. "Travis is a guy, Mark is a guy. I don't see any difference between the two. Apart from you fantasise about Mark, while I only have eyes for Travis." Admittedly I didn't fully understand my brother's attraction to the bassist, just as he didn't understand my own attraction to... well anyone.

Pairing: Mikey/Girl!Mikey
Mikey's POV

"My friends call me Mikey." Even better, first he looks like me, then he has my name too.

"I'm Mikey too..." I led him to my car, pulling out my keys to open the side door, gesturing him in the passanger seat. "Do you mind if I film tonight?" He shook his head as I circled the car to get in the driver's side. Perfect. My big brother was away in England, so I had decided to try and find a guy that looked like me to make a film for him. Sure, I'd thought about it for a over a year, but we'd been so busy I'd had no chance to find one.

The drive home was short and fairly silent. He spent the trip gazing out the window at the world whizzing past, while I was too busy concentrating on the road to say or do anything. Once I pulled up outside, I broke the lack of activity, leaning over and planting my lips on his, pushing my tongue between his soft lips and into his warm mouth. I bought my hands up to hold onto him, twirling my tongue inside his mouth, exploring the new territory. I'd only kissed my brother before now, so it felt strange to be kisisng him, but he seemed content to let me take complete control.

After a few moments, we parted for air, then silently got out of the car and I led him inside. With my hand in his, I tugged him upstairs, up into the bedroom I shared with my brother. Occupying the center of the room was a large double bed. The only other piece of furniture in the room was a large closet along one wall. Surrounding the bed were three cameras on tripods, one on either side and one at the end. "Strip and get on the bed pretty."

He nodded and smiled, starting to undo his shirt as I walked around the room, turning each camera on and making sure it had a good shot of the bed. It was on the third camera that my eyes widened at the image on the small screen. "What the fuck..."

"What's wrong?" There was a confused tone to the question.

Pairing: Waycest, Bob/Ray, others
POV: Ray

"Good, it's settled then." I stood up and gazed over at Bob. "You heard him, bring in the patient." I crossed the room to Bob's place, giving him a light kiss before he left the room through the double doors I was sure Mikey hadn't noticed. "Little, little Frankie." I loomed in front of his trembling small body.

His raised his shaking head fearfully, gazing up at me with tear-filled eyes. "Ray... please... I'm sorry..."

"I'm not the one that you have to grovel too whore." I swifty kicked him in the face, hearing what sounded like a bone smash in his nose, blood instantly pouring from it. "Don't look up from the floor again slut, you'll find no sympathy." Mikey had clearly witness what I'd done as he was cackling from the bed with glee at seeing Frankie in pain. The guitarist clearly learned something as his gaze fell back on the floor, blood dripping onto his bruise and tattoo-covered body.

The doors swung open and Bob returned, only now he was pushing a streacher with Gerard's unconcious form bound to it. On one side of the streacher, the side facing away from Mikey, there was a small tray with a selection of surgical tools. I glanced over to him, his eyes wide and curious. "What are you going to do to him?"

Untitled (heroin ficlet)
Pairing; Waycest
POV: Mikey

I could tell from my brother's shining eyes that he was high again. That and the fact he was swaying from side to side, singing Like A Virgin. If there was one thing I knew about my brother, he definately wasn't a virgin. "You're high again."

He just grinned and giggled at me, running his fingers through his long, black hair. "Bert hooked me up on some good shit. You should try it sometime little one."

"No thanks." There were things I'd rather try, like the taste of his soft lips against my own or the feel of his tight ass around my cock. I shook my head to rid myself of such thoughts. Although my older brother was gay and I knew he'd had sex with several people, I knew he'd see us as wrong. I'd often thoughht of taking advantage of him while he was in the state he was now, like Ray and Quinn had before now. I kept putting the thoughts out of my head though, but now they wouldn't go away.

He sat beside me on the tour bus's back couch, wrapping an arm around my shoulder. "Come on little one, live a little." He rested his head on my shoulder, ppurring almsot seductively in my ear. "I sucked Bert off so hard he saw stars to get my fix." That thought shouldn't turn me on, yet it did, creating a bulge in my tight jeans. Bert was hot in his own way I suppose, but I'd never do half the things my brother did to him. "I bet you wish it was your cock between my lips don't you little one?" He always called me little one when he was high. I often wondered if it meant he mistook me for Frankie somehow: even though I was a few inches taller then him and had glasses. His hand was on my thigh, stroking slowly as he giggled. "I'm in the mood, so I think I just might..." My breath caught in my throat as it registered wwhat he was offering. It couldn't be taking advantage if he offered right. "Just one thing little one..."

Pet Part 2
Pairing: Padge/Ray Toro
Fandoms: Bullet For My Valentine/My Chemical Romance
POV: Ray

The day after he'd fed me he returned down to see me. I'd spent the night trying to decide what to do, but eventually realised that I really had no choice. Every plan I formed involved leaving through doors or windows that just weren't there, being able to untie myself with the power of my mind and overpowering a man that was clearly stronger then me. Every plan I had came up with had a sole end result: my death. "How's my little pet doing today hmm?"

Other fics in the works include Bob/Oli, the Leone twins, plus Sean/Quinn. As well as the other fics I have had planned to do.
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