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Funny how I blind myself...

Getting Phixx today woo. Competition to win Andrew's car is in it. :) Back from school. Got conned into doing a cd for Laura.

Seen Gav. For the first time in days (by my own choosing). He came and talked to me. He seems so happy. So how come I feel so bad about it? I mean if you love someone shouldn't you just want their happiness?
Anyway I asked him bout the engagment and he seemed relecutant to tell me anything. He was about to say something when the bell went.
I didn't stay for break, I just stormed out, unwilling to talk to anyone.
Though when we did talk he was able to tell there was something wrong. I hate it when he does that. Why couldn't he just leave me alone. Maybe what really bothers me is that he cares about me in his own way. Would it bother me as much much if he said nothing? If he hated me? But he sees me as a friend, and I just can't take that now. *sigh*
God I hate loving him.
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