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Breaks over me

*blinks* still a tie? How? Why? WAH!

Also from that poll, more people find Bob attractive then Mikey, yet liking Gerard is unanimous. Strange. It's also strange how Bob is second after Gerard, which just proves that Bob needs more lovin.

Again, from the band part, liking MCR is unanimous, then everything is tied again. Why does it surprise me how many people like Bullet and The Blackout?

I've just woke up for nothing, so I'll probably go to bed. I need to get rid of block so I can write like I wanna. I've four fics open to do, with ideas for each, but an inbility to write them. Sigh.

I hate that The Used tour is only Cardiff and Nottingham even more now. Supporting them are Madina and The Blackout. I'd kill to go to that.

It doesn't help that in the announcement from The Blackout Sean says he's gonna try his best to kiss Bert, Quinn or Jepha.
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