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I could spend decades slaughtering them and still not make a dent

I'm only just woke up properly. The reason? The bed. This is why I slept in here on the sofa, not just to watch dvds, digital tv and be woke up by any mail, no. I slept in here cause I woke up earlier.

Of course now I can't sleep on it cause of the posters being on there, so I have to put them all up first. Although it looks as if there's no room for them all. That and no blu tack to put em up with.

The claw's all the way through, yay!

To do list for today:
*Drop stuff across the road
*Write enough to post (either Obsession, The Time Of Our Lives, the prison fic I got an idea for or the Waycest I started, maybe more then one of them)
*Watch something (cause there's fuck all on tonight)
*Go on AC to sort out fruit

Right now, what to watch is between Russel brand, Bullet live or a Kylie dvd.

I still vow to a part of each of these fics before I go:
*The Time Of Our Lives
*Teh Waycest
*Hungry Eyes
*My Body Is Your Body
*What To Do With The Dead

Others (as well as finishing those of course) are earmarked for when I come back. Like Pet.
That's one a day practically until then.
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