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The sparkle of your voice

Note to self: unplug the phone whenever doing things. Things including sleep, writing, showering and watching porn.

E-bay on how I love thee. they have tickets to Give It A Name for £20, but it's paypal only which is a problem as a: I have no paypal and no card, b: I can only pay by cheque and c: when I have money to pay, the auction will be over. Damnit! Also the lesser problem of it doesn't say if it'd be sitting or standing, but do I care? Nope.

Trouble is though (other then money) which day to go to? Shikari/Madina or The Used/Fightstar. It's verging on Madina's. Cause The Used should do a proper tour later this year (cause they haven't done one in all the time I've liked them) and so should Fightstar but Madina's less likely and Shikari's just had one.

It took the better part of yesterday to rid myself of block, then I only wrote two paragraphs and it returned. Why can't it leave me be? It does have a title now though, so yay. And the sex started. Gods it's a long standalone.

Today I spent an unnatural amount of time with mum. Mostly it was outside in the sun (which is evil) watching Dougie and Harry run around the lawn eating anything that was green. They're funny. Mum's weird and annoying. Also I got touchy about my weight. She said I must've put some on and it made me... I dunno. Tetchy I guess. I dunno why.

Ray sure does spend enough time molesting Mikey doesn't eh? he's almost as bad as his brother.

Poll voting cause there's a tie again. Sigh.

Yay for new Fightstar vid Though Charlie's eyebrows look HUGE.

Memey thing: Top fives! Give me a topic and I'll list my top 5 things.
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