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And still we will be here, standing like statues

I'm gonna go bed now. It's 6am and I've spent the past hour plus writing. My block is gone hurray! It's the Waycest I started at 's, but Gerard's STILL not in it, even though it's 3 pages in. And yes, it's still being a standalone. I think it'll be done today, definately. Gerard's about to make his appearence, then the sex will start.

It still needs a title though. My original one gives the plot away too much now, so I'll have to think of another one.

I may do a companion fic for it too for two reasons. First, one of the maain sections won't fit anymore (a flashback doesn't feel right) and second I started doing a sub plot that really needs it's own fic to truly shine in. Another Mikey/Bob thing was going to be in it too, but I don't think it'll fit anymore either (though that could be a seperate fic altogether).

After this, I'll do Obsession, then the other Waycest standalone then... either My Body Is Your Body, Hungry Eyes or What To Do With The Dead. Must. Resist. Urge. to. Poll.

"Are you sure you'll be alright on your own?" Even as he said the words he was in front of a mirror, applying his make-up. To Ryan, venturing outside after dark was something that had to be planned and executed with military precision. In recent months that meant an excessive amount of time in front of the mirror. For most normal people applying make-up was a bit of eyeshadow around the eyes, eyeliner if they had a steady hand and either lip gloss or lip stick. Ryan, of course, was far from normal. Every night he went out he had to have an intricate pattern around his eyes. Sometimes that meant a few fancy twirls, other times it meant birds flying over his cheeks. I wasn't sure why he did it and whenever I asked him he'd always either avoid the question or shrug.
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