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The Second Battle Of Coruscant

Well, I'm still here for my last night. It's a good job I didn't leave today, I didn't wake up until 5pm. Yep, that's right. I'm lazy.

Today's been... well, not much really. Last night was spent watching Shaun Of The Dead (which is funny and brilliant, but everyone knows that) and Pokemon The Movie 2000 (because Pokemon always wins).

Today's been spent watching babu on The Sims 2 and playing Pokemon. Yeah, I don't have much of a life.

Tonight did however show one of the reasons why I should be back home. While we went to sort out babu's mum's stupid digibox (she put the scart lead for the Tv in the dvd socket... stupid much?) I got a call from mum. She left a message (cause we obviously were out) and it was the cryptic and very worrying message that something had happened to grandad. Cue panic and me worrying like crazy for the next 20 minutes until I could call ehr (cause she was on the phone so I couldn't get through). Recently his condition's been getting pretty bad, so they had to take him in an ambulence tonight. Hopefully it should be sorted so it's nothing to worry about. Hopefully.

This is the thing, I get too comfortable here and it has to stop while this stuff's going on. When I'm next here for 30 Seconds I'm only staying untill the Friday. I have to stop being swayed to stay, because I just... can't. Every time I go it's days or even weeks after I planned to leave (though this time was due to sickness) and I can't do that anymore. I just... can't.

I'm still packed from when I was meant to leave last week, so all my stuff (apart from Gerard, my game boy, DS and one hoodie) is packed away. The ticket's booked so now I'm defiantely leaving tomorrow. Although the fact that it's Friday the 13th is very disconcerting.

My claw's half way through now. Yay!

Babu's ordered me some Star Wars graphic novels so she can get the Free Comic Book Day pack from Forbidden Planet. One of them's an Infinites which makes me squee.

I dunno if I'm going to try and get free Umbrella Academy comic myself yet. When's the proper comic out anyway?
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