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With lips like morphine

Tonight's my last night here. Tomorrow's gonna be the long 6 hourish trip that I have to make whenever I come here. I know I rant about it whenever I leave and whenever I arrive, but I just hate it so. Even though I always sleep at least an hour each time.

I absolutely despise NME (despite the recent MCR in it). It's so bitchy and backstabby. Like the whole 'war on emo' thing. There wasn't even a 'war' on it until NME stirred it up. Then, in the months later, they've had Panic!, Fall Out Boy and MCR all on the cover after being extremely bitchy and anti them all. Plus they praise and then insult Madina Lake in the same paragraph. They seem to have mastered that skill. And why can't it be normal A4 size like all the other magazines?


Kerrang! is better. There's another poster of Madina (already) and the cute one of Frankie with the puppy < 3 There's other stuff in there that I really must read, but I'm saving reading it poroper for the trip. I really wish I had a credit card though. There's a grindstore thing with it and it has the MCR silver jacket plus the matching trousers for £65. I want it so bad. They take cheque, but I'm afraid by the time the money's in they'll be sold out, or worse the offer'll be off.

What does everyone have agaianst Pete Wentz?

We have Pepsi! YAY!

Random people I want to see live (discounting the ones I'm going to see):
Cobra Starship
Dir En Grey
Enter Shikari
Fall Out Boy
From First To Last
Linkin Park
Madina Lake
The Academy Is...
The Gazette
The Used

And ones I've seen live that I wanna see again (again, discounting those I know I'm seeing):
Bullet For My Valentine
Kylie Minogue
My Chemical Romance
Panic! At The Disco
The Blackout (on their own tour)

That turned into a pointless thing didn't it?
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