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20 marriage-less years

Mikey gives good head? I serious can't hear it, but apparently Gerard says it in there somewhere. If you do find it, tell me when and I'll love you forever.

I seem to have a knack for sleeping till 3 lately. The past few days I've always woken then.

Today I restarted babu's Pokemon Silver. She doesn't like it cause it didn't work the first few times. I'm already past the first gym.

I hate the last trainer on Pokemon Stadium 2's Poke Ball Master Ball tournement. Tyranitar is pure evil.

My voice came fully back yesterday, which is good. All I have now is a blocked nose and that annoying-as-hell cough. Although I did have a nose bleed earlier.

Babu let me design a house on The Sims 2, so I did. It's very... unique. Each room is a different building. Plus the rooms are all interconnected so it's very cool. As soon as I get ohome I'm doign a bigger version. The kittens on it are so cute and tiny. < 3

Part of me is looking forward to being home. Sleeping on my own sofa, having showers, being online and writing when I want. And of course the Wii, which is now mostly a display piece since finishing Twilight Princess.

I haven't wrote since I did the first part of the fic, I was going to last night, but I got to tired to before I got alone time here. I might try again tonight.

I can't get Thrice's Red Sky outta my head. Thanks Bob.

My mind is thinking about Spencer/Ray porn for some reason. Why's it so easy for me to picture Ray with any/all of Panic! ?

I'm sure there's something else, but I dunno what. I'm always doing that. I should always write down what I should post when I think of it.
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