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The same old song

The damantions thing is now in the 40's. There has been several injustices sigh. Bands already done (that I think are any good) in order of them being on:

Panic! At The Disco: 90-something (Why? oh gods why? and video makes me sad cause there's not enough Spencer/Ryanness)
Atreyu: Can't remember
Good Charlotte: 70
Angels And Airwaves: 69 (WTF?)
The Used: 55 (All That I've Got scares me cause of how clean Bert is)
+44: 49
Enter Shikari: 45 (YAY! Please tell me there's slash of them...)
Madina Lake: 42 (Squee! BIGGER YAY! I didn't think they'd even be in it, so for them to be very high is like... yay! They're my baby's< 3)
Funeral For A Friend: 37
30 Seconds To Mars: 35 (YAY!! < 3 The two Jared's so did it... and what's with the bunny thing giving double!Tomo head?)
Aiden: 34 (wiL don't do it with a homeless do, you might catch something)
Bring Me The Horizon: 30/29 (I can't remember which)
Within Temptation: 27
Lostprophets: 26 (Thought they'd be higher and didn't expect the Burn Burn video)
Fall Out Boy: 24 (This Ain't A Scene is weird... but perdy Will...)
Linkin Park: 13
AFI: 11 (What's with the bunnies?)
Bullet For My Valentine: 8 (Eeee.. .wet Jay is always good)
Marilyn Manson: 6
Green Day: 4
My Chemical Romance: 2 (WTF? 2?!)
Slipknot: 1

Still, that means the following should've been in the list (but weren't):
Taking Back Sunday
The Blackout (don't have any videos)
The Academy Is...
The Automatic

So, they'll be high. Yay!

It's annoying how when each song starts there's a bit of teext about the artist: but only cause the text is in black so it's unreadable 95% of the time.

On the MCR introducing stuff, they're so funny. Mikey's wearing an odd hat thing and Gerard's perdy. Frankie's adorable and Mikey needs to speak more. Bob needs to speak full stop. He hasn't said a single word. Talk boy, stop staring at your red bull. Ray's fro amuses me.

But oh Ray's arms. Ray's arms are so sexy. I'm so glad they're freed. Guh. Ray is sex.

It just occured to me that Bob and Bert have the same names. Still, they should be paired up more (I mean Bob was The Used's sound guy so why there isn't Bob/any of The Used guys astounds me).

We're setting the device downstairs at some point to record Kerrang!'s play of the Birmingham gig. Everybody tie your shoes clap clap!

Edit: Just before 25 (Killswitch Engage) Bob finally talked (and moved) and it was a ramble too! He's caught it off Gerard < 3 He's so adorable... but what's with his hand?

Every talk with the band has at least one shot of th e brothers < 3 Gerard thinks they're sorta like Linkin Park (in thee way that Linkin Park do their videos and artwork and stuff).

Mikey was chewing gum < 3 Frankie is cute when he's confused.

I don't get why they're not number 1, it's odd and makes no sense.

Ok it makes sense seeing who's number 1. Jowey is just... guh. Why he wears a mask i dunno. Frankie's so cute. I think he wants to destroy a house now for their next video. He did his cute wave again. Ray cooughed < 3
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