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Because fear always wins

Happy 30th Birthday Gerard. May your day be filled with Mikey in various kinky sexual positions and then Bob when he's worn out and Ray and Frankie when he is

Today's gonna be spent watching the 101 Damnations thing. I can't even think of 101 bands so how they're filling it up is beyond me. I'll pop back every crap artist.

My claw thing went all odd yesterday. The O-ring thing that keeps it from falling off went into my ear. Oww.

I'll be coming back Wednesday.

I didn't get to write last night (which I hate cause I wanted to). I might try tonight at some point.

Once I'm home the fics I'll focus on before coming here again (I hate that this illness has resulted in the time between trips being so short) are:
*The Time Of Our Lives
*Hungry Eyes
*My Body Is Your Body
*Other Waycest standalones

There'll probably be a few other standalones (if I'd been at home I'd probably have done a birthday Waycest fic) but for the first week, those'll be the main ones.

The new Mcfly single is... crap.
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