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Zombie Jeebus day

Ah the things Christians celebrate. They have days for the 'son of god's' birthday, death and rebirth yet no none of them seem to give a fuck about what he's supposed to have taught about. The whole be good to each other and that everyone's equal and all that. Seems likely that even if he was the 'son of god' he failed to spread his message across as, even now, supposed followers of his religion would rather send orphans on the street then allow them to be adopted by gay couples and waste their money on anti-gay movements instead of using the money to feed the poor or help cure the sick.

Truly, he is looking down on them and he's disappointed in them.

I'm not a Christian, but I get the message that their savior wanted to teach them a damn sight more then their current leaders seem to.

My voice is now back at last. Well, I say back when I talk I only say about half the letters of words. It's about 70%ish back and it's fairly strongish. The crap in throat is pretty much gone now too so yay. I still cough, but nowhere near as much. The worst I have now is my nose, but I'm used to it being blocked.

I had a pretty crap slee. I woke up about 5 times and each time couldn't go back to sleep for half hour. I wanted to come in here to write, but couldn't leave the bed. Sigh.

I couldn't do any writing last night cause I couldn't decide where to go with it. I haven't done nay today yet (I woulda done some if i'd gotten outta bed). Today's been mostly spent on Pokemon Stadium 2 though. I'm so glad that the mon I've trained so long on Gold kicked the crap outta the other's. Mwhahhah victory is mine!

I know there was something else... but I've forgotten. I always forget.
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