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What did a butterfly ever do to you?

Enter the random Doctor Who ramblings (cause obviously I haven't had enough time to finish fic and the Doctor is pretty much the only think I ahve to ramble about on tv now).

Anyway the Doctor's cute as always, about butterfly's and his hearts and stuff. And being fanboyish over Shakespere.

His Harry Potter obsession is a little scary though (I've never understood the appeal, except for the cute ickle dragon in the first one).

Stop mentioning Rose, she's gone now, we get it.

I think Martha's reading a bit too much into their relationship.

What was with the Queen going all crazy at them?

Next week is gonna be good. New New York again (which looks like Coruscant) and the Face Of Boe is back (for the last tiime?). Plus it's got Ardal O'Hanlon in.
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