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Clap clap

My throat feels far better then what it did and the general 'I feel I'm going to be sick' feeling has stopped now. It's now pretty much moved to my nose like a normal cold now. My voice is still shit though. I dunno why it's been effected like it has, I've never had anything like this before and I hate it.

Still, least it's slowly getting better I suppose.

I hate (to an extent) how whenver I'm here my life becomes so focussed on here. It's alright when my time here's short, but whenever my time here extends I get antsy. I want to talk to everyone else. I wanna know how they are and how they're doing. And, most importantly I wanna be able to do it without feeling guilty for it.

Especially now, when I'm shit at communicating normally.

Eh, I'm rambling.

I wrote the first section of the fic last night (I refuse to use the word part cause it makes it sound like a multi-part fic which it won't be) then I stopped cause I dunno which one to do next. In total I think it'll have 3/4 sections, so that makes it about a third/quarter done. STill nos ex or Gerard though.

I hope to get it done before Doctor Who but it'll probably be later.

After that I might finish the Waycest standalone I started before I left, Obsession or Hungry Eyes. Or My Body Is Your Body. I'd do a poll, but it's probably not worth it.

I really hope that the Damnations thing on The Hits and the Kerrang play of Birmingham don't overlap. I get the feeling they will. Sigh.

Enter Shikari's singer has been told to rest his voice for awhile cause he'll get nodules in his throat if he doesn't. Familiar much?

I know what plug I want for my ear. Tis a perdy biohazard one. I love that symbol, I should do a search for stuff.

Heroes in a half shell, turtle power!

That is all
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