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Reset to zero

My throat feels a little better, but I can't talk still. I think I could whisper, but I figured I should save my voice lest it resets again.

I started writing today. I hate how every time I get an idea for a fic that's a standalone it always manages to become longer. Or seem like it'll become longer, I dunno yet. It seems like it'll be a long standalone though. I might have it finished by tomorrow. Right now it's 6 major (and a few minor) paragraphs long. According to the print preview screen that makes it the better part of a page.

Oddly, although it's a Waycest fic, Gerard hasn't actually been in it yet. And there's no sex yet (or gore) should I be worried?

For some reason I thought the big easter holiday was next week until yesterday and I don't know why. Ah well.

I like this song, it's odd but it works.

This is my first proper aim time since I've been here, so I'll be on for a few hours. I wasn't gonna be on at all, but with the time here extending I thought I should.
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