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From becoming unclear

Within two months time I'll have probably made all the arrangements to leave. If it wasn't for Good Charlotte it'd be much much sooner.

My family is dead to me.

Not that that's saying much, my dad left before I was even born I've never been on good terms with my uncle's side of the family, the only member that has ever cared about me (my nan) can't even speak coherently, my grandad says I'm not welcome there and mum's a constant bitch.

My voice is still back to non-existant. I don't expect it to return soon.

I'm not gonna rush back cause mum wants it either, it'll just make me feel shitter.

We saw Sunshine tonight, which made me feel better cause it's brilliant. The ship really really does look like Star Wars ships (the Solar sailer and, even more so, the Shieldship). Cillian was so perdy and so was Trey (an adorable little oriental guy). They so screwed

It was so cool, amazingly perdy (I want an oxygen garden) and shiny. Plus there's lotsa fire. It's pretty blinding when the sun's in it though (obviously) so don't go if your eyes can't take bright light. Go see it though cause it's brilliant.

There was two trailers before it that I liked. One was The Curse Of The Golden Flower (I think) and it's one of those martial arts films. The other is 28 Weeks Later a sequel to 28 Days Later (which was the first I'd heard of it) and it looked really good so I wanna see that too.

I'm gonna have something to eat now. Then I might try writing cause a: I feel bad for not writing and b: I feel creative and want to.
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