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And I'll attack

So I didn't have to call mum, she called here. All she did was moan and ramble so I used all my strength and spoke to get her to stop. My voice was all weird and it hurt like a bitch and it was all for nothing. She didn't shut up or listen to me (I even had to repeat things).

Because of her my voice ahs now gone completely again after about two days of getting it to a barely used (and painful) whisper all the progress was gone in one phone call.

I only wanna go back now to get my things, I want nothing more to do with her. I know we've fought before but having her go at me when she knew I couldn't respond well is the last straw. She says she's gonna get rid of all my stuff if I don't go back. Well I'm gonna go back solely to take all my stuff away from her. Sure the list of reasons I made about two weeks back was enough to keep me there but now it's just... not.

I don't wanna be near someone who's only form of communication is threats and yelling.

Gonna go watch Sunshine in aa few.
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