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Darkness is forever

I'm trying to decide if I'm getting better or worse. Seems like I get a bit better, then something else makes me feel ugh. I just wanna not have this anymore cause I hate being hot oone minute cold the next and constantly coughing. Coughing is evil, so are burps. I still can't talk properly. I can whisper, but it hurts and every time I do it I feel worse afterwards.

I think I got two proper hours sleep last night before waking up for no reason.


Kerrang and NME are < 3 cause they both mention the Birmingham gig. Kerrang reviews it and gave it 5 K's < 3 It's also gonna be on Kerrang radio Monday night, which makes me squee. Both mag's have lotsa perdyness (including Mikey on his knees). I want next week's NME for print thing and Kerrang for Frankie poster (which is the most adorable thing ever). The cd is odd. It's good (with 6 of the 14 tracks chosen by Mikey) but Ray hasn't picked a single song which I think is very strange. Maybe they'll do another one, I hope so.

It's strange how the next two concerts I'm going to are sold out.

I hate how the water works here cause I tried to have a bath but it was like laying in ice water. That can't be good for my condition.

Rexxy from Night At The Museum is adorable. The Egyptian pharaoh dude is hot.

I want to watch the Kerrang 101 Damnations thing even more now cause MCR are presenting it. I hope they mention Bullet. Monday's gonna be a busy day. Plus it's Gerard's birthday too so I'm sure he'll be busy too.

If my voice returns tomorrow then I go home Saturday, if not then I go Tuesday.

I still haven't heard anything from the Job Center, despite sending them an e-mail on their site Tuesday about me not being there. It's slightly disconcerting (especially since I can't exactly call them to make sure they know). Ah well, it's not my fault.

I've gotta call mum today. By call I mean get babu to do talking as I type my responses on the computer.

I got two fic ideas last night. Well, one's an idea for a Waycest standalone (which I'll work on later) and the other's ideas for Obsession Part 2 (also gonna do later).

This amuses me greatly < 3

And with that I wander off, cause my legs are cold.
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