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The claw is our master

So I've decided it's best to stay here a little while longer. This is mostly cause of my voice. With my voice gone I can't ask for train tickets of which I'd need two.

I can talk slightly now though. The trouble is it a: really really hurts and b: it makes a whisper look loud. I still can interact with people though, I take a notepad wherever I go (and a whole page has words I commonly use so I don't have to rewrite them all the time ie Waycest and mitten).

My throat's always a tad fucked and I keep coughing every few minutes. Fun.

The night before last we were downstairs with Zero and he was uber-hyper. He thought the fish was food and ran to it then tried to get to it: resulting in Zero falling to the floor. Mad lizard.

Last night we watched Toy Story. I love love love the alien's < 3 I want one.

My ear's onto the second claw now. I think this one's perdyer cause it's black.

Babu's gone off now, dragged to an appointment that she shouldn't really be at cause she's so sick:(

Seen the MCR show last night. Loadsa shots of Bob but hardly any of Ray. Mikey was so checking out his brother's ass. I'll upload it soon.

I can't wait to read Kerrang/NME (NME is weird).

I'm kinda at a loose end as to what to do. I think I'm gonna rest a bit then I might come back and be on aim for a bit. Maybe.

And Pete's adorablle for dedicating Golden the other night to MCR.
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