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This sickness

I feel terrible. I got about 2 hours sleep last night. My throat feels all sore and weird and I keep coughing all the time and feeling like I'll throw up.

I haven't yet but I hate feeling like I will. I keep needing to drink every few minutes so the drink goes so fast.

Worse still, tomorrow's the 6 hour trip home. I hate it normally but this time'll be hell and make me feel worse. Part of me wants to say fuck it, but then I won't get money. Another part of me wants to get babu to ask her dad to take me, something which'd cut the trip time in half but I know it'd just be no so what's the point?

Most of my stuff is packed. It's odd how this time I feel I'm taking less then I came with. Normally I'm taking far more.

I'd call the Job Centre to change the time but just bringing the appointment a few hours earlier on the day of the gig was enough hassle to discourage me entirely.

I hate BBC-I too. I just started watching the MCR show and then they stop it halfway through Mama and it won't be playing again until 10:45pm. Bah. This is bad because staring art Mikey Way's neck makes me feel better. And the shots of Bob are all kinds of awesomeness.

I find it strange how whenever I look at Give It A Name it seems another band's cancelled. Three have gone now and yet no replacements have been announced for any of them: even though the first cancelled weeks ago. I guess it shouldn't matter cause I'm not going but still...

Seeing a pic of Spencer with his head between Ryan's legs is hot, despite Spencer's bad facial hair. Pete/Mikey is hot. Pete in general is hot. So's Mikey in general but we knew that.

I'm gonna go and try and warm up/sleep.

Edit: My voice is now gone :(
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