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And though you're cynical believe me

Yay for Radio 1 doing something right for a change. Sure the documentary thing was very very odd, but the interview amused me and the show was amazing. I'm Not Okay, Cancer and Mama are now playing on a loop on BBC-I and the rest shall be playing in the morning (as video not just audio).

Yay for Frankie being better again < 3

It was a weird set cause it's different to how the tour's been. It's a mix of both The Black Parade and Revenge stuff not Black Parade all through then Revenge stuff. It was odd, btu I liked it.

So far in the videos there's been lot's of Mikey staring at Gerard and lotsa shots of thee greatness that is Bob.

Gerard and boa's < 3

I'll upload everything tomorrow once the full thing's been shown.

I think I've got babu's sickness cause my throat's all fucked up. Sigh.
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