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The doom

I've never understood April Fool's day. It's odd.

Playing on the Pirates game is fun: until it stops you from going anywhere that is. I hate when games do that. Dumb glitches.

I hate a mental rant prepared about thee mods again, but I forgot about it after sleep. Sigh. What I do remember is that they seem immature and should be evicted from their positions. I'm sure if they do another dumb mod post it'll all come rushing back though. I'lll boycott the place if they do though.

Why didn't I know that House Of Cards had a vid? D'oh. I'm watching it now though.

I had a dream last night. Dave and MCR group sex. Curse ye mind now I wanna fic it.

Speaking of Dave I'm getting replies to Eddie's Song that I posted on the SOD boards in September (and finished it in July). Trouble is the comments are all 'more soon'. WTF? It was a one part fic done ages ago and they expect more? It's one of the few fics I've never pondered sequelling at all. Sigh. I'll comment back once home.

Babu's throat's sore. That amkes me sad:(

Panic! look... terrible in their recent pics. Except Ryan. Facial hair does not suit Spencer Smith.

I'll be home either Tuesday night or Wednesday night depending.

Once home I'll look over the poll results and fic for the first week/two weeks. I want to finish some before I come back here. I'll probably work on the ones nearest completion first (Dead!, My Body Is Your Body, the Waycest I started before I came, stuff like that) and then return to the longer ones. I'm hoping that from the day after after I come back onwards they'll be a fic part/fic posted daily at least, perhaps more. Hopefully.
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