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We're on the moon?

Once again I feel that the mods at mychemicalslash are both elitist and stupid. Bah, I hate them. I'd stop posting there but about 50% of the people that comment on my stuff do so when I make a post there. I hate that it's all moderated and that they're so fucking fussy and prissy about everything. Oh you can't do this, oh you must do that blah blah fucking blah. They piss me off (especially since the insanity of when the whole place got deleted). Plus they never seem to comment or contribute in any sort of positive way.


Anyway, rant over. Onto other things. Yesterday was spent doing... well, not much at all really. The day was spent inside as I didn't sleep till 5amish on Thursday so I didn't wake till almost 4. I can't actually think of what we did. I think it was watching Futurama and going on Sims 2.

Oh and I've started stretching my ear. I'm thinking of getting the other one pierced so I can do that one too.

Today we went to Tunbridge Wells. Babu got plugs, which she's gonna paint to look perdy and then got a dvd and game. The sci-fi shop had nothing new and my baanks annoying cause I'm still £30 short. WTF?

I saw plugs I like so once my ears are stretched I'll get them. Had Mcdonalds. I love the fries. I need to get large fries for the sticker things for money off at HMV. I like money off.

Tonight was also the start of Doctor Who. The Doctor's so funny and adorable and squeeish. Aliens come into the hospital he's in and what's his response? 'There's a shop, I love shops.' He's so adorable and smart in a funny way (and how cute was he when his sonic screwdriver was all destroyed?). I like Martha more then Rose, she seems to have more brains. Though her family is very annoying.

Anyway, I'm done now so....

Edit: I love Gerard

Edit 2: Link fixed and GET WELL SOON FRANKIE!
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