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But you'll always come back for more

I'll probably make a proper post in the morning when my feet and fingers aren't so freezing. Meep.

It was amazing and really odd watching it from a different angle.

Waiting to get in was shit cause we had to wait for ages (though I met imyournobody YAY!) but once inside we were alright. Like I said it was odd from a different angle but still amazing.

Apparently Thursday's sound guy is to blame for the late start... and he confused Wembley with Wimbeldon.

There wasn't any extremely visible Waycest (although a big thing was in my way so I didn't have the best view) though Frankie hugged Mikey then Ray < 3 Awww! Frankie's so adorable. Even when flipping Ray off in his face during I'm Not Okay.

So's Bob for running away from him.

Gerard seemed to live for being on his knees, on all fours or having his leg on something.

Gerard made a reference to my show (tying shoes) yay! Gerard's amazing. Mikey scratched himself and Ray moved across the stage < 3

Got a poster, the tote bag thing and the Cancer tee, which is really pretty and for a good cause so I feel good. Babu got me badges so yay.

The weirdest thing though was we looked over the crowd and saw Dave Williams in the crowd. That was so cool/freaky < 3

Waited outside in the rain but no one came out. Well. No one was out at 1am so...

Food now, cause I ain't eaten all day.

Edit: Mikey's Union Jack tee FTW < 3

Hearing MCR fans singing Kylie is funneh < 3
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