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Come angels unknown

Well, I made it here ok, though I got stranded in Orpington for almost an hour. Sigh.

I got Good Charlotte tickets, so we're definately going to the Birmingham show. That's at least 1 gig a month till May sorted and tomorrow it'll be June. So that's half a year with a gig a month. I hope there'll be more for the other six months.

I spent the coach part of the trip asleep cause it was too hot and I couldn't concentrate on writing.

Anyway, I'm here now so that's what matters.

Scamps looks odd after her hair cut. much less poofy. She's so funny looking now.

Last night was spent on Rabbids and Futurama for the most part.

Today's been spent goin to Tunbridge Wells (for babu to get a plug thing, but the shop was shut so that was a bit of a waste of time). My bank account doesn't have the full 90 I was meant to have, it only had £60 in this week (including the £50 I withdrew before I came from Birmingham). Sigh.

Got some of the new Doctor Who cards from Sevenoaks (including the Doctor yay!) and Kerrang.

Kerrang this week is a just... pretty and ironic. The posters (thankfully are on all seperate pages) are very perdy. Trying to work out if MCR or Will is perdier is hard. If Will's legs were spread... Anyway there's Enter Shi... Shi...Shikari in today's Kerrang with names to faces (huzzah) and Madina Lake with the same thing (and Nathan saying his twin will 'bend over backwards to make someone else happy' oh the slash). Dan's hot in the pic too. Those last two are ironic cause I was trying to put names to faces this weekend and failed slightly.

Next week's is uber-cool though. There's a cd with it that's compiled by MCR. Collest thing ever < 3

Between us me and babu have entered at least 3 of the comp's for the show Monday. Probably will be more soon. *hopes to win* But who to take? I dunno.

Tomorrow I'll be at MCR Wembley. I'll be in my Revenge hoodie (the trench coat's just too much too bring with me) so anyone wants to say hi they can (cause I'm nice like that).

Poll still open so vote away. Might write Friday or something.

Ryden, Jaybourne and Ferard are all evil/overdone. A pox on their houses! Ryan knew Spencer the longest so clearly did him (or got done by him, either's hot), Charlie's hotter then James and Gerard clearly fucks Mikey nightly (and WTF is with there being no Ray or Bob fics, they exist too).
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