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But it's through you and I know

I'm so... I dunno. I think the term may be disorganised. Cause I'm leaving in an hour or two I can't finish thee Waycest I started when I got inspired (again, block why do you always decide to go when I can only half do stuff? Sigh).

Had a call this morning, but they hung up before saying anything. Odd.

Haven't really slept that much.

I've got most of my stuff packed. I say most, there's only one item of clothing packed. I feel I need more somehow.

Sometimes I feel like I'm brain dead. Or, at the least, extremely oblivious.

I hate introspection.

It seems like it happens every trip but I have no idea where the ticket is right now. Joy.

So, things left to do are:
*Save fics to disc
*Find ticket
*Pack clothes
*Rewrite the note

Vote in poll though cause I'm a big thick I've left out 3+ options. Sigh.

I completely forgot that Santi's out Monday. D'oh.
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