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All that he knows

I hate my mother. She's just ugh. Moan moan moan.

Reasons to stay
*Closeness to towns
*Cannock > Sevenoaks
*No Music Zones down there
*High cost to get to anywhere down south (especially venues)
*4+ venues easily reachable
*SOD Wolverhampton tour date
*Internet all the time
*Own computer
*Nearest venues down there over an hour to get to/need to use tube
*Closeness to Birmingham
*Can watch tv and be online
*No room for all my stuff down there
*Lack of independance/inability to do things alone/go anywhere alone/generally be alone
*No room to display all of said stuff
*No clear space for computer
*Still have freedom to smoke when stressed
*Dougie and Harry
*No room down there to call my own
*If everything fuck's up then I won't have a home
*Babu's mum

Reasons to go
*Bromley > Walsall
*Bluewater > Merry Hill
*Bromley sci-fi shop
*Lego Shop at Bluewater
*Closeness to London
*Family: mum moans all the time, hate my uncles side of the family, both grandparents near death
*Never have to go to daycenter again
*All the nature stuff
*The place with the deer in
*Sevenoaks being fairly ok
*Tesco being so close
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