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It goes on for so long

I hate being woke up by my stupid mum calling. Every other day it's her annoying voice mithering at me. A week without it will do me good.

So I've a long list to do today. But can I be arsed to start it? Nope. Mainly cause I've only beeen up an hour properly.

Things to do:
*Decide what to pack
*Write (cause I started getting into one of the Waycest's I was doing last night... but call meant I couldn't do much)
*Go on Sims 2
*Drop stuff off to the annoying creature called mum
*Try and get more money
*Save fics to disc (this'll be done at very very last minute)
*Move stuff around and hide the most important stuff (read as Wii)
*Redo note
*Fine many working pens (I intend to write in bed on the coach trip)

Sigh. I always hate the day before I leave. It's so much work to pack and stuff and then I rememeber how annoying the journey is again. Once I get there I'm alright. Sigh

I'm now drinking juice from my General Grievous glass.

I like this song.

Yay for Madina Lake's album being out today < 3
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