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Argue out the last sins of us

I hate being woke up and I hate people outside. I just get the feeling they were all looking at me and it bothered me. I dunno why.

Today I'm gonna try writing again.

On E4 there's a thing with Mcfly introducing videos. I wish I knew cause I've missed an hour of it aand Harry is just... guh with his new hair. Also they probably introduced MCR in the first hour (it's boys with guitars video thing). It's just Danny, Doug and Harry, no Tom (it was probablty explained in the first hour why no Tom). they just introduced Fightstar's Paint your Target and Danny said what it was and that there wasn't long with them (dude, still half hour) then it went like this.

Danny: Did you see what I did there?
Harry and Dougie with blank stares: What?
Danny: I said it different (he didn't it sounded just like his normal voice)
Dougie: *blinks, then claps slowly*

The fool.

Still, Paint Your Target's hot. Omar's hot and Alex is... tolerable for once. Now I return to watching.

Harry: This is reef with Place Your Hands
Dougie; *places hands on Harry's leg*
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