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The Shoetying Song (aka the happiest moment of Bob Bryar's life)

I hate the mind-numbing bureaucracy of the Job Center. To sign on takes two minutes. To change the time so it's earlier takes twenty. Arses.

Mum was actually nice (shocking I know) and got me the Nintendo mag. The one with the Zelda prints of perdyness (that I haven't seen yet). Yay!

The trip was dumb, I forgot the ticket so had to come back but once i got on the way it was alright (grandad was an arse and only gave me £10, plus he was mean when I was dragged shopping).

I did a sweep from Yo!Sushi to Forbidden Planet (getting babu Good Charlotte's picture disc on the way) but no sign, so i headed to the NIA. By headed I mean get lost and end up going in circles and doubling back a few times. It's surrounded on two sides like water. It's a bit like Venice there.

Eventually though I arrived and spent the time outside resting my feetsies and talking to babu before joining he line proper. The door's opened at 6:20ish (possibly earlier) which is insanely early. Plus they had metal detectors so it sounded like R2 was having an orgasm. Despite that, I managed to sneak the cam in.

The merch was so perdy (and oddly there wasn't a mass of people clammering for it. I got the silver clock tee. I wanted the poster (cause it's sex) the bag and other stuff, but I'll get that next week ( I decided to see if anyone was outside selling stuff... there wasn't).

Anyway, Thursday came on about 7:30 and they were pretty good. They said Cross Out Your Eyes was requested by Mikey which is so cute.

Then they went off and at about 8:45 the lights went down again. Then The Black Parade began.

I didn't get pics, but I got a few videos. This was mostly cause I couldn't remember how to switch to cam mode (it's auto setting is record mode oddly).

Anyway, onto the important stuff (aka slash):
There wasn't the uber-extreme Waycest that there has been (unless I missed it when someone went in front of me) however there was some:
*Ocassional chest stroking
*Mikey glancing at Gerard's ass whenever he could
*When Gerard went off across the stage, Mikey would ollow a few seconds later
*Most of the show they were the two nearest members to each other
*During This Is How I Disappear once when Gerard sang 'Without you is how I disappear' he was looking right at Mikey
*At the start of I Don't Love you Mikey and Gerard were the only ones lit up
*During Helena it looked like Gerard stroked Mikey's face, but someone got in my way so I didn't see it properly. I'm 80% sure that's what happened though.

Other pairings:
*During the Revenge part of the show, Ray got on his knees... facing the speakers.
*Soon after, Ray reached to grope Frankie, his aim was right for his crotch
*I'm sure there was a Ray/Gerard moment, but it was lost in the best moment of the show
*Gerard randomly hugging a security dude (Worm?)
*Gerard chewing on a mike cable again (electrocuted he might be hmmm?)

Other things:
*Bob's drumkit SPINS! Bob FTW!
*Gerard at the start of Cancer made me almost cry, mentioning about the disease
*Gerard took over the spotlight!
*Ray came onstage between songs with a digital camcorder, pointed it at Bob, the others, then the crowd (new dvd?)
*Lotsa fire!
*The way Gerard kept telling people to 'move back' reminded me of the very first gig I went to of there's, where he said exactly the same thing
*Gerard shaking his ass during House Of Wolves < 3
*Gerard's faux-crying at the end of Mama
*The extended Gerard tape thing at the start of Sleep
*Gerard calling us the 'United Kingdom's biggest killing machine'
*During the first back up Gerrad said 'I know we're all so pretty but back up!'
*Gerard referring to Disenchanted as a song we've heard before under a different name, obviously referring to it's first place on the last Revenge tour (as Shut Up And Play)
*Bob being uber-grinny towards the end (apparently due to being wasted, but obviously it's not)
*The Black parade live is amazing, especially the songs I haven't haard live before. < 33
*Ray's orgasm face
*There was a point where everyone was very grinny. I'm not sure why
*The Black Parade and Revenge sections are both very different. They really do seem like different people (Frankie seems to be holding back during Black Parade)
*Blood being used to link the two sections
*Frankie almost hitting Mikey with his guitar. Mikey escapes to live another day
*Perdy tickertape stuff < 3
*Gerard getting people to yay Bob as he drumemd

I'm sure I've missed something but now onto the two best bits of the show, which deserve their own paragraphs.

Ok the first was between Revenge songs. Mikey had someone come on stage to tie his shoes and Gerard noticed and got the spotlight shone on them both. Gerrad decided to sing a song called The Shoetying Song. (Lyrics at bottom of post). After singing the little song twice, Mikey's shoes were tied (and he'd run away), so then Gerard looked down at his own shoes and asked 'Who wants to come tie my shoes?' Cue squeeing from the crowd for us to do it. He asked again and then someone appeared on the stage. "Oh, Bob Bryar's going to tie my shoes." So Bob comes to Gerard, gets on his knees and Gerard sings the song again. Naturally Bob's eyeline is Gerard's crotch. Hence, Bob is the happiest he's ever been, though he did scuttle off when Gerard finished the song. Clearly his blood had gone to a lower place as Gerard then proclaimed. "Bob, you missed a show."

Then between the next two songs he got people to yay for Bob's drumming.

The last song was Helena and at the end of the song Frankie started to make his way onto Bob's podium. Once the song was over he then decided it would be a good idea to pounce on Bob. A very real, very literal pounce. How did Bob respond? Well as soon as he got up he hit Frankie with his drumsticks, all as the guitarist grinned like a maniac and the others laughed.

Then the show was over. Sigh.

Got to the train oki, saw college!Sam (though he almsot got into a fight). He's got odd hair.

I'm now gonna look at Nintendo mag and squee some more.

Edit: The Shoetying Song
Everybody tie your shoes clap clap *clap* *clap*
Everybody tie your shoes clap clap *clap* *clap*
Everybody tie your shoes, no one cares about you, everybody tie your shoes clap clap *clap* *clap*

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