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Curse ye blanket for being so comfy! I wasn't gonna go to sleep last night, I wanted to stay up all night and keep sorting the stuff out that I need to.

So now it's half nine almost and I don't feel ready at all. I hate how I have to be ready for half 11 causa the stupid fucking Job Centre crap. Cause of them, I have to just rush myself to be ready and go to town. If they won't lemme sign on early there's no way in fuck I'm waiting till 3:20 just to please them. Especially since it's a grand total of two minutes. It's a waste of my time.

In the next two hours I have to d so many stupid little things that I'd normally spread out. Still, this isn't the earliest i've had to be up and sorted for a gig. It's probably third or forth (after Give It A Name and MCR Cmaden Underworld, both which required me to be ready by now for travel).

Still, I have pretty much no fucking clue exactly where the NIA is in comparison to everything, so most of my time will be spent getting lost.

I'll spend about an hour in the city going between Forbidden Planet and Yo!Sushi (aka the two most likely places in my mind where they'll be, though I'll look in all the coffee shops I go past, just in case). Then go a hunting for the venue. Shouldn't be too hard to find. Though as I say that I'll probably end up spending an hour losing myself.

Still, it'll be good experience as it's the last major local venue that I've not been to.

Course, part of me is still tetchy about not going to The Blackout and Give It A Name (I've not sre which bothers me more anymore).


I'm gonna rush and get ready. Aka, shower, decide what to wear, put on make-up etc.

Anyone going today, I'll be the weird looking dude in the blacklist Black Parade trench coat thing.
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