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Obsession Part 1

Pairing: Various, Bob/?, Bob/Gerard
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bob
Notes: This won't be posted anywhere else but here and my writing journal (cause I said so). Originally this was gonna be a different fic, starting at a different point, but I decided to start it earlier along the timeline thing. It's set at the Warped Tour 04. Oh and the pairing in this part, it just came along naturally (it wasn't intentional it just... happened).
Dedications: megan23451 for helping me fic the title and antontobias86

Destiny is a funny thing. Some people have the potential for greatness, others just... don't. I'd witnessed both ends of the spectrum. As I sat and watched various bands, I saw in them either their potential for greatness or failure. I saw rifts or divisions between band members but I also saw how they could work as a whole, become a complete mass of energy that held the audience in their thrall. Rarely did I see both traits at the same time, but once I did.

It was the third date of the Warped tour and I finally decided to settle at the side of the stage to watch the next act. Bert had been raving about them and I heard the kids go wild on the previous shows, so I decided it was time to see what all the fuss was about. The band had five members, all of which were from New Jersey and as I saw them enter the stage I knew that each of them were different. By the third song I had the entire band analysed. First was the band's potentially fatal flaw, their drummer. On the face of it (especially to me who'd never heard their stuff before) he was an ok drummer, but every so often the guitarist would shoot him glares that clearly indicated that he was going wrong. The guitarist, however, despite having a fro that made his head look twice the size it was, was excellent. The other guitarist, slightly shorter then the others, was an intense ball of energy. It was his energy (and the fact that he seemed intent on jumping around the stage) that meant no one appeared to notice the obvious problems of the drummer. By comparison, the bass player was a statue. He only seemed to move whenever the frenzied guitarist came near him, which appeared to be a very wise move on his part. He seemed intent on not drawing any serious attention to himself. Why, I wasn't quite sure, though it was likely he was shy and not used to such attention. Or maybe it was that his slender body seemed like it could break so easily. Either way, there was something about him that kept him away from center stage.

Then there was the lead singer, clear leader of them all. He was adept at working the crowd and got them all bouncing along and screaming, even though half of them probably had never heard of the band before. His was also the only name I'd heard before, though what it was escaped me now. It was Jared or Gerald or something like that. Not that I cared right this moment what his name was. He was... beautiful and incredibly talented at what he did. As I watched him parade around the stage, I couldn't help but feel an instant attraction to him, one that instantly diverted blood to a certain part of my anatomy. I wasn't sure what attracted me to him, maybe it was his long black hair, his chubby body or maybe his stage prescence. Or maybe it was just his sexy ass and obvious bulge. I was fairly sure I wasn't the only one enjoying the sight of his ass, as the bass player made several obvious glances to it at every oppotunity. Maybe that's why he hung back.

"So what do you think?" I almost jumped 10 feet in the air at the sudden words purred in my ear by none other then Bert. His body was pressed against mine as rested his head on my shoulder, his long hair tickling my neck as he awaited my response.

I chewed my lower lip for a second. Of course, admitting what I thought would be foolish. I'd have to see the drummer play a few more times to be 100% sure that he was a weak link, after all we all had bad days. Plus, I'd never tell Bert that I actually felt attracted to a guy I'd never even met. Knowing Bert as I did, he'd probably intervene and try to set me up or some shit like that. Of course, Bert's idea of a set up would be to get us both naked and shove us in a confined space and not let us out for an hour. I made a decision to see them again, both to hear for any more flaws and to stare at the singer again. If the drummer still failed them, well, I'd just have to rid them of him before they lost their chance at greatness, which they could obviously easily achieve.

Apparently the amount of time I spent thinking was too long for Bert, though at times I wasn't suure he even knew what thinking entailed. One of his hands snaked around my waist and instantly found my crotch, his fingers rubbing at my bulge. "Clearly you like them. Well, at least one of them anyway." I didn't have to turn my head to know that he was smirking, I could tell from his voice that he was. "I could always introduce you to them." His hips pressed against my ass so that I could feel his own hard-on. Believe it or not, this was Bert being subtle. To him, lust was like another language that had to be mastered, with sex and blow jobs as forms of communication to him. At least, that's what I thought, he could just be a raving nymphomaniac. When I didn't respond, he just purred again in my ear. "Their set's almost over, met me under the stage in... ten minutes. Then I'll introduce you tonight."

And, with that, his body parted with mine and he was gone.

I watched as the band's set finished, the singer yelling a thank you to the crowd as the others filed off. The energetic guitarist was the only other one to react to the crowd as he left, giving them a small wave as he left. Within two minutes of them leaving the stage, it was repopulated by techs and roadies, that disassembled and moved the various pieces of equipment on the stage. Satisfied they weren't going to return I left for my meeting with Bert.

The underside of the stage was a different environment to above. It was pretty much a twilight realm down here, where a grid of metal bars supported the stage above. Of course, no one normally came down here during a show, but I knew Bert had bought people beneath stages on more then one occasion. Bert was pretty easy to spot, he was standing towards the center of the space, where the beams of metal created a square 10 meter area of emptiness. As I approached him, stepping over and ducking under the various bars, it became obvious he was already naked. "I knew you'd come." I nodded as I stepped over the last of the bars, noting his clothes piled messily beside a support strut that occupied a corner of the square. "Now, why don't you take off your clothes so we can get started." Merely nodding in response, I started taking off the t-shirt that covered my large frame. I'll admit, I wasn't the best looking guy in the world, but then again I'd never paid much attention to my appearence. Not that that mattered to Bert of course. He'd probably fuck a corpse if it was shoved in front of him. As I tossed the tee in a general direction away from Bert's clothing, I started undoing my fly, my eyes trailing over Bert's naked body. He was attractive in his own way. Fairly slim, a few tattoos, long, dirty hair past his shoulders, nice cock and ass. Sure, if you said the word shower to him he'd gaze at you with a blank look on his face, but he was still sexy.

I pushed my jeans and black boxers down my legs kicking them away in the vague direction of my tee, deciding to keep my sneakers on. "You know Bob, you're a strange creature." He came closer towards me, extending an arm to trail his fingers over my body. "You're a strong, big guy." Upon saying big the fingers of his other hand wrapped around my length as if to emphasise his point. "You could easily overpower me but you don't. In fact, you seem quite happy for me to push inside you and fuck you senseless. If I didn't know you I wouldn't even consider that you'd be a bottom." His hand on my chest tweaked my left nipple to hardness before moving over my body to the other. "You're a mystery Bob Bryar and someday someone will unravel you." Both his hands left my body as his lips lightly pressed against mine for just a moment before he pulled back. "Turn around." I slowly did as he said, bracing myself with both hands on the pole in front of me. I knew from past experience that even his fingering was fairly rough, but instead of the expected thrust of a slightly wet finger I felt something softer, something wetter slip along my crack. His hands were now on each of my cheeks, spreading them open so he could find my hole easier. The soft muscle slide easily inside my puckered hole turning me into a moaning, whimpering mess. He'd never done this to me before, no one had but in my mind it wasn't his tongue circling my insides, it wasn't his messy locks brushing against my ass, it was that singer. It was his lips on my ring and his tongue squirming inside me. If I knew his name I was sure it would be passing my lips in breathy moans, but instead, I groaned Bert.

After a few minutes he pulled back, planting a kiss on the base of my spine as he stood up. "Mmmm your ass tastes like Gerard's, sweet and tasty."

"Who...who's Gerard?"

"You'll see tonight." As his lips met my neck, he thrust his hips burying himself inside me. At last I knew his name for sure and I had to resist from moaning it as Bert thrust in and out of me, hard and fast. I chewed on my pierced lip as on of his slender arms reached around me and he started jacking me off in time to his thrusts. His thrusts were now as rough as I was used to and his own sounds of pleasure filled the air and mixed with mine. I could feel his sweat drip on my back as his lips left my body, his hair lashing at the back of my neck as he moved inside me. Each thrust he made was purposely angled so it hit my spot dead on. he'd memorised it's location the first time we fucked and ever since he always managed to hit it exactly.

After about ten minutes I came, spurting my load over my chest an the grass below us, the remainder dribbling down my length and coating his hand. Moments later he followed suit, crying out my name as he sprayed my insides with his seed. Panting softly he pulled out of me and slid down to the grass below us, his tongue trailing down my crack to lap up his cum. Once his tongue left me I settled beside him, licking at my own salty cream from his fingertips as his tongue traced patterns over my belly to clean it. Removing his fingers from my mouth, I bent down and dragged my tongue over his softening length tasting a mix of cum, saliva, sweat and what he lovingly referred to as 'ass juices'. Once his dick was cleansed I leaned back against the grass and stared up at the stage above us. it was only now, as we lay beside each other panting softly in the afterglow of our respective orgasms that we realised that music was coming from up above.

For at least two songs of the nameless band we didn't speak, but eventually Bert broke the comfortable silence. "Come by bar tent around 10ish. I'll introduce you then." I nodded, making a mental note to be there, which of course I would be. A chance to meet Gerard would be too much to pass up. Oh, and the others too. "Fuck this band is shit." I chuckled at his words, but he made no move to get up and leave. Instead, he bought his hands to his mouth and screamed at the top of his lungs. "Get of the stage!"

After giggling at his antics, I batted his hands away and planted a kiss on his lips. "I don't know about you, but I don't want some piece of crap band coming down here and finding us naked."

He just shrugged and kissed me again. His lack of response meaning, of course, that some crap band had caught him down here with someone and I wasn't surprised in the slightest.
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