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Take my hand let's get famous

I've so many things to do. Posters to find, leads too find, buttons to shine, shower. All kinds of random crap, most of it for tomorrow. Hopefully around this time tomorrow I'll be on a train heading for Birmingham.

Course, I could do all those things now, but I'd rather wait until sundown. I'm strange like that.

I got Kerrang today and donuts. Instead of reading Kerrang intently, I saw the evil m word and just stared at the pictures instead of keep on reading. Of course, the pictures were perdy which was probably intentional. Bob's adorable. I did skim it, where Mikey said Gerard's name lovingly and that Gerard still smokes, although he says he'll quit. I doubt he will though.

There's some perdy Jared and Will pics (and is that the new guy with him?) and the Madina Lake poster makes me happy inside. It's going up now. I'm still sure one looks like Harry.

In an unrelated thing, watching Japanese guys piss in bottles is hot. Though I'm sure porno sets can afford toilets.

The fic I previewed a few posts back should be ready today.
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