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Don't you see that flailing your arms around accomplishes nothing?

I want to go to Give It A Name even more now, but I won't hve the money for a ticket until the middle of next month. Is it too much to hope for that a ticket would still be available then?

Please please please let Madina Lake do a tour over here. I really really REALLY wanna see them over here. And while I'm at people who should tour here The Used should too. How come both are only here for Give It A Name (and on different days too, how come when the acts were first announced I meh'd Madina's day now I wana go to that too). Sometiems life isn't fair. I wanna win the lottery so I can have a three-day ticket like last year (though lastt year was two day).

But I digress both must tour. Here. Now.
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