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Whoever happens to be next to me

Downloading's fun, cept it slows the comp down. So while I'm downloading stuff (ie now) I won't be online.

I've found roughly 80% of the stuff I was looking for, plus a number of stuff I'd forgotten I'd wanted so yay!

I've spent over 2 hours today with mum. It's a wonder I didn't hang myself. I had food, then she asked for help with her camera stuff (sigh) so I've been sorting that. Good thing is I have a big bar of Galaxy which is even better cause I've been craving chocolate lately.

Also grandad's got a new cammera. Since when? it's one of those new ones that can record video as well as take pics. Also does audio apparently.

Scarf's mums, but I've nicked it cause I like it.

It's only just hit me that in two days I'll be at the concert. SQUEEE!

I hate MP4 files cause they can't play on anything. Plus two converters I've been sent won't even download. Help?
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