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We're all just victims of love

Why does Media Player feel the need to double some tracks in the libary? There's 2 (sometimes 3) or about 50% if not more of the songs there. I just spent a good 20 minutes cutting down up to Blue in there. It's so annoying, I really need t spend a day on it.

Editted playlist slightly too, now has Aiden, The Academy Is... and TATU's albums on it.

Lilt< Pepsi.

Gonna be seeing Good Charlotte with babu afterall, she's coming up to see them with me when they play Birmingham < 3 yay!

So far this is my favorite song on the album.

Has anyone got the following albums they can send me?
*The Academy Is... eps (Especially The Fever)
*Aiden's other album (not Nightmare)
*Bayside's album (the new one)
*Dillenger Escape Plan albums
*Dir En Grey's new one
*Enter Shikari's album
*The Gazette albums (apart from NIL)
*Hellogoodbye's album (which I'm sure isn't out here)
*Kill Bill soundtrack
*Millia albums
*The Misfits (outta curiousity)
*Opiate For The Masses albums
*Orgy albums (part from Vapor)
*Pete Doherty's band (Gah I forgot the name)
*Placebo's albums (Specially the Greatest Hits)
*Saw/Saw II soundtracks
*Any Within Temptation albums

Most of these are outta I can't buy them causa moneyness, but the rest are cause they're hard to find/not even out here. I'm sure I've missed someone though... Anyone that's willing to e-mail/yousendit any of those I'll be eternally grateful < 3
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