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Soundtrack to my life

opening credits: Jump - Kylie
waking-up scene: Session - Linkin Park
average-day scene: Virgin Sexy - Sugababes
first-date scene: Love Revolution - Phixx
fall-in-love scene: Love Affair - Kylie
love scene: Make It Happen - Blue
random scene: Santa Maria (Wah-Hey Mix) - Tatjana
fight-with-friend scene: The Noose - A Perfect Circle
break-up scene: Walk Away - Blue
suicidal scene: Needles And Pins - Deftones
get-back-together scene: Hello Again - Lostprophets
fights-at-home scene: It's My Life - No Doubt
heartbreak scene: How Can I Live? - Ill Nino
mental-breakdown scene: System - Chester Bennington
lesson-learning scene: Build A Bridge - Limp Bizkit
deep-thought scene: Gunning Down Romance - Savage Garden
flashback scene: Whenever, Wherever - Shakira
party scene: Hold That Sucker Down (Builds Like A Skyscraper Mix) - OT Quartet
regret scene: Did It Again - Kylie
long-night-alone scene: Again And Again - Taproot
pissed-off scene: Invisible Wounds (The Suture Mix) - Fear Factory
crush song: Sexy Boy - Kia
bad-day scene: Ballad For Dead Friends - Dashboard Prophets
closing credits: Stars -TATU
more closing credits: Everybody's Fool - Evanesence

I just had to include Love Revolution!
Read while I squee to death! :D
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