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Mikey, Gerard and fun with anal beads. Ah the descriptions people come up with for my fic.

My feet are freezing, it's like there's a breeze but there isn't. Sigh.

There was a storm earlier. Meep.

From what I've heard of Good Morning Revival (which hasn't been all of it, just random songs) I like it. It's better then I thought it would be.... which makes me want to see them on the tour. Damnit!

I still hate Shadows voice though.

Learning about Matt (old MCR drummer Matt with the last name I can't spell) makes me think that he's a massive arse. Sure, I knew he kept fucking up, but he tried to keep Gerard drinking and set their van on fire.

None of the food here looks appealing. Sigh.

And cause I'm nice/a tease...

I pushed my jeans and black boxers down my legs kicking them away in the vague direction of my tee, deciding to keep my sneakers on. "You know Bob, you're a strange creature." He came closer towards me, extending an arm to trail his fingers over my body. "You're a strong, big guy." Upon saying big the fingers of his other hand wrapped around my length as if to emphasise his point. "You could easily overpower me but you don't. In fact, you seem quite happy for me to push inside you and fuck you senseless. If I didn't know you I wouldn't even consider that you'd be a bottom." His hand on my chest tweaked my left nipple to hardness before moving over my body to the other. "You're a mystery Bob Bryar and someday someone will unravel you."

I'm going to get drink now.
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