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Get it up boy

Ah yes, being compared to mum really makes me want to jump off a bridge. (Which is something I said I'd do once if the comparison ever was made). Bah.

I finished Lethal Alliance. When you get past the annoying glitches it's an alright, fairly simple game. It's not terrible, but the glitches make it horrible. Plus it's too short. I've played a lot of Star Wars games and in terms of gameplay it's the second worst (worst will always be that horrible trilogy game for the GBA). In terms of glitches it's one of the worst. It's worse then Empire At War and about the same as Lego Star Wars 2 DS.

Today we went and seen nan. I hate that place as always. It'd be better seeing her in her room but whenever I go she's always out in the main room with the others which just creeps me out. Plus she was all upset but we didn't know why. Sigh, I hate that place.

I have my ticket at last huzzah! there's £30 in with it. The money which I gave mum so it's really just my money coming back to me. Sigh. I hope that's not all I have for the night. Speaking of concert night I'm having to think creatively for the route back home. It I miss the train at 11:20 (very likely) then I'll have to get the 11:40 to Wolverhampton, the a bus to Walsall and then get someone to get me from there.

After the concert?

Well, there's the second one, which I'm conflicted about. I do want to go, but I'll be killed for going. When mum does find out she'll kill me. And she'll want me to stay until the very last minute and come back the day after it's over. Part of me wants to wait to go till Monday, then come back the Saturday so I don't stay long enough to be too attached.

Ditto on 30 Seconds.

It's snowing outside, heavy too. I hope it settles, snow's perdy.

Gonna lie down cause I'm cold.
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