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Never having kids

I go over the road to drop off mail and get the tele guide and on the way back some kids end up yelling something at me. I just flipped them off. Little assholes. A guy saw me and said I was doing the right thing, which made me happy inside.

Conveniently, mum wasn't over there though. She's found the ticket and only she knows where it is so I have to go back again later. I refuse to go tomorrow. Grandad seemed betetr then he was Thursday, so mayeb he'll give me money for the concert like he normally does.

Not only will I miss Skins (thankfully there's a million and one repeats) concert night, but also a Good Charlotte thing.

Last night I went on Lethal Alliance and actually got past the glitchy part. Still I can't work out the map thing, but the other puzzles I can. According to a help thing I found I'm already a quarter of the way through though. Also according to it there'l lbe something coming up which will make me, as a Star Wars fan, despise it for being stupid.
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