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I call him number eleven

Ah eventually Comic Relief is funny. Little Britain and The Mighty Boosh, plus Russel Brand who's hot in a strange way.

I missed the first hour but apparently I didn't miss much. Ahh I don't think I've actuually stayed up to say this time of Comic Relief before, but it's good cause ya know, nudity. Russel Brand's really... loud and animated isn't he?

This year I haven't done anything for it. Every other year I've been at school or college and there's been a non-uniform day or some crap, but this year it's just... passed me by. I'll get the Little Britain dvd at some point though, that'll be my bit for charity.

7 random people have died on Sims 2. Random cow plants and flame projectors are love.

Cause I got so distracted I haven't concentrate on writing like I meant to, but I've done a bit and shall do more now. Probably shall post it tomorrow.
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