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And the record keps playing the same old song

Ah the joys of not being woke up by anything and being able to just... sleep. No interuptions by annoying phone calls, no nothing. I did have two freaky dreams though. One related to the stupid train thing of a few months back, the other was just... odd. It reminded me of Boo and there were these strange ghost things about that kept creeping me out, but when I looked at them properly they disappeared. Then I ended up leading Bob out by the hand, but he was quiet the whoel time until he attacked me. Then I woke up.


In other stuff I sent mikeyface a load of my icons so yay! < 3 I need to change some of mine today.

I did 5 paragraphs of fic last night, which is a vast vast improvement from a few lines which is all I've managed recently. Huzzah! So a few fics should be done for posting today.

I watched an episode of Millenium last night too. Well, half of it, but it was funny and I want the dvd now.

When I'm down south, I'm gonna go with babu and see a loada films at Bluewater. A loada films being 300, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and whatever else is on.

I'm gonna get the ticket at some point. Not sure when exactly though.

Things to find: Bob porn, Delonge slash, Alexander smut. I blame caps of perdy Jared for the last one.
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