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Where the rich kids come to die

I feel better then I did before. Had a nap, then watched Dead Ringers and Skins. Though now I'm overheated and I don't know why.

Enter the Skins ramble:
*I like Effy. Partly due to the fact she melts stuff and partly cause I like ehr top
*Effy's friend: when does she ever shut the fuck up?
*Spencer's hot
*Josh and Spencer clearly had a thing
*I swear I screamed 'kiss him' to Sid/Tony several times (and Josh/Tony too, it was a very homoerotic ep)
*The sugar cube pyramid < 3
*Chris's so cute
*Where was Maxxie?:(
*Ultraviolet light < 3
*Tony shoulda fucked his sister (why is it the only het pairings I like are incest/)
*One of the last lines said by Sid to Tony 'You sorta own me too' < 3

Next week looks interesting. It didn't at first, cause it seemed Anwar focussed, but then it showed Maxxie in bed with a guy (eee!) and Sid in a prison cell (insert the obvious here). I don't get why Maxxie's trying to be friends with Anwar again cause to me it's a bit pointless. Chris is adorable too < 3

I'm gonna keep checking the E4 site. I wanna get involved in the next series. How I dunno but... no harm in trying.

Due to earleir writing's pretty much out today, but I'll try for tomorrow.

Harry's new hair is hot.
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