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Gender in reverse

Sigh I forgot how insanely addictive The Sims 2 actually is. Therefore I spent the better part of tonight on the game, watching with amusement as I made Gerard and omar have sex, play with kitties and generally do a lot of random, and in the end, pointless crap until Gerard became a werewolf and he started savaging people. Ah good times.

I remember when I first got The Sims 2 and it was all about the cest, but since then I lost the pack things which had the clothing and stuff for Mikey so I haven't had a proper Mikey since. I need a Mikey and a Bob pack thing now.

While playing, Kylie started so I multi-tasked between Sims 2, singing and staring at the hot male dancers. Naturally the writing I started got pushed to one side and remained at the side during Desperate Housewives and the following phone call.

I have started stuff, so hopefully ficness tomorrow.

After the call I had a go on Lethal Alliance. It annoys the fuck outta me. First the graphics are suspect (though I blame Animal Crossing which has absolutely brilliant graphics). Then there's Zeeo's level being tricky to control. Thirdly WTF is the beam thing to unlock the map all about? I can't figure that out so I gave up. Lastly, there was a glitch that fucked up the game at a turret. It's unlikely I'll go on it again anytime soon. It's a rare Star Wars game that frustrates me to the point of wanting to throw it away (the only other being my sole attempt at jedi Academy). It makes me wish I'd got Seasons instead.

After that I got so annoyed I just looked through the mags I had. Ok, that's a lie I went straight (*snigger*) for Attitude. I actual read two article things (well skimmed the Skins one). The other was about emo's and how crazy people are anti-it. Especially the now-infamous Daily Mail article, which (even though I've never read it) is obviously the stupidest thing written in history since the bible. Ok, there's probably something stupider, but I can't thing of it.

I love mags like Attitude though. It's funny, got interesting stuff and has ads for gay porn. Oh and topless guys by the shitload and practically every guy in it's gay. Ahh joy. To Americans that are clueless, Attitude is a gay mag, hence the large amounts of gay stuff in it... and scantily clad males.

I feel strange now though. Maybe it's due to not sleeping until around daybreak, maybe it's being woken every day (or so it seems) by the phone ringing or the door buzzing (and when it's the door it's always not for me). Maybe it's thoughts of the nightmare of last night, the details of which still allude me. Maybe it's that I've not eaten a proper meal in days. Maybe it's the thought of all the travel the next month has to bring. Maybe it's knowing that, despite anything I can go to neither The Blackout nor Give It A Name, due to backpay not being done right. Maybe it's mum's near constant desire for my money and only going on about her own problems (yet never asking me about how I am most of the time and constantly saying I 'need someone to talk to' yet never offering herself for that role). Maybe it's the way things seem to be unfolding in a way I wasn't expecting and in a way I never exactly thought I'd want. Or the niggling doubt in my mind about a million things, both little and big.

Whatever it is, it's there and won't go away.
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