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Why would a cowboy feed a salad?

I had a horrible dream.

Yesterday, mum screwed up grandad's washer. Somehow she managed to make smoke come outta it. Therefore, today, a dude came to sort it out. Causa that I had to be awake to go take Danny for his walk (during which I thought up the main plot for the Bob fic, sigh I wish I could've recorded my thoughts). I've just noted most of thoughts about it down so...

Thinking of Bob fic, what are the dates and places of the Warped tour? Also I'm amused that Bert once dedicated a song to Gerard's 'sweet and tasty ass'. Bert's a slut.

Anyway, I went to Cannock then (on the bus cause I got given change) and yay money was in the bank! Trouble is it's not as much as I expected or really need. It's £100 and that's meant to have be split three ways. But today I took out £70 and there's now of that left. Sigh. Mum'll want the other £30, so I'm relying on whatever I get off grandad for the concert (I always end up getting £30-50). Thankfully tour date 2 I'll have better money.

What I got was 4 (yes 4) magazines from WH Smiths: Kerrang!, Attitude, Rock Sound and the Nintendo Magazine. I haven't looked through the all but Pete's hot, so's the 30 Seconds poster (cept Jared's facial hair), yay for Animal Crossing and Zelda winning readers awards, Billy doesn't look good with facial hair, Enter Shikari are hot though I need someone to tell me who's who and yay Madina Lake poster in next week's Kerrang!

Then looked around for a bit. Curses at Sims 2: Seasons not being anywhere for less then £20. Instead I got Lethal Alliance for the DS when I got Pets for babu. Also gots dolphin jelly sweet things. < 3

When I came out of Woolworths there was this perdy thign and I unno which gender it was ;[

My earphones died so I got a new pair when I got batteries and Star Wars Lego.

I walked back home though, cuase I just missed the bus and didn't wanna wait.

In short, I now have lots to do and read tonight. I'll build the lego, then write while I test out Pets, look through mags and write more.
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